irony at work

Does this happen to you? You make a statement about something just to have the opposite happen? Examples from this week are.

I told Abbey she had done a great job of keeping up with her phone, after she had lost several phones. What does Abbey do?  Loses the phone.

I started thinking wow I feel great this antibiotic is working, only to wake up with an ear ache.

Its  2 weeks left until the end of school. I've had a million people in my room during this year. My Director came into my room yesterday and pointed out a misspelling in my rules. I nearly died. I didn't know whether to laugh or bury my head.  

I made a post about how I had some pageviews, instantly the page views stop.

Its kind of comical to me. maybe, I should make a post about how I have no followers and no comments lol.

I have lots of craft projects in the works I just haven't  taken pics yet. Some of the things you'll see this week are, hunger game inspired nails, a super cute, flower dry erase board for my classroom, a new system for picking songs in my classroom.

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