I (heart) Head Start

I spent all day, testing 3-4 year olds for preschool and head start for next school year. It seems some of the parents were not happy about sending their children to head start. I just don't understand why. I heart Head Start. Not just because I work there, but because I believe in it.

I want to clarify some of the misconceptions I have heard today.

Head Start teachers don't have degrees
actually, I have a BS  the same degree as the public preschool. I know this because several of them were in class with me at college.

I also want to add that I  have taught at 2 different preschools. Parents paid a tuition for me to teach their children.

They do more at preschool
As I mentioned before, they are my friends. We talk and share ideas. I assure you we are all teaching the same concepts

Head Start Kids have behavioral problems
I love each of my cutie pies. I teach a double session and both of my classes have awesome kids. Kids are kids wherever you go. You will have some that have bad days. We all have bad days. Its how you react to the bad days that matter.

The Kids are dumb
I believe I have bright students. Low income does not mean dumb. It just means low income. They are just as capable as any other group of kids.

I feel lucky and blessed to be in my students lives. They are treasures. I would love the opportunity to teach your child too.


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