car insurance (a love/hate relationship)

I had a long list of possible first topics...because I am freaky anal that way. They ranged from funny things I've read and seen, and stuff from my classroom. Bet you are thinking "shut up, get on with the show, Holly, lets read the first official post" Well here ya go.

I know I mentioned that I am a single mom. As a single mom I am always asking around for ways to save money. Lets be honest there are more important things to spend my money on rather than bills. I'd rather do something fun with my favorite girlies. So today I was asking around about car insurance. Bet you're wondering what I discovered? Apparently insurance companies are biased against singles. I'm going on a limb and saying not just singles but single women. I say this because my boyfriend pays for 2 cars what I pay for 1. in fact my married friends pay considerably less for 2 cars than I do for 1. I know that some of that can account for a multi car discount. Explain how a couple of friends pays only 42 dollars for their car. Just 1 car so you can't add a multi car discount to that. They are married. That's the difference between us. Well, that and the fact that they live in another state.

Someone suggested that it could also be because of the number of un insured motorist in my area. I ask you, HOW THE HELL is someone suppose to keep car insurance if they jack the price so high that you have to chose between that and gas, or insurance and food? I do not feel that I am being treated fairly. wouldn't it make sense to keep it low so you don't have un insured motorist?  

It really makes me mad that they assume that women drivers are not as safe as men. That just because a woman is single that she doesn't deserve a decent rate. That she is going to be driving down the road applying makeup (for the record I do  not) I have precious cargo in my car. I wouldn't jeopardize that  for anything. I just want an opportunity to balance my checkbook and not cringe.

I love driving down the road knowing that if there is an accident that I am covered. That I can have my car fixed or replaced. I really do love my little Focus. You couldn't force me to trade it in....well with enough force you could....but I assure you I'd pout and throw a tantrum the way only a redhead can.  I just don't want to have to spend hundreds more than my friends for the same right. I don't want to be treated like I am about to take out an entire barn full of pygmy goats, or side swipe a bus full of children. I am not a dangerous driver. I should not be punished for not having a ring on my be fair I have a ring on my finger, but not THAT kind of ring.


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