I can see the dirty in your hair...and other Grassisms

Anyone who knows my sister and I knows that we are smart, sweet, lovable, nutty as a fruitcake.  I mean that in the best possible way. We are really fun  mostly because you never know what we will say. Below is some of our most famous Grassisms.

  • I can see the dirty in your hair
  • What are we having for dinner, something burnt?
  • early tomorrow morning we will be waking up late
  • Its sneeting and slowing out (instead of sleeting and snowing)
  • We can't get arrested we aren't wearing our jail clothes (for the record we have never been arrested or even close to being arrested. In fact my sister is a former deputy.)
  •  Smorked poked chops is what we are having for dinner
And of course I am having a complete mental block. Check back later for more additions to the list

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