Here comes the Bride

I attended a wedding today of two dear friends. The bride is my children's "other mom" they love her that much. The couple are so in love as all newlyweds are. They are beautiful, caring, sweet, and fantastic people who deserve for their marriage to last.

I had fun at the wedding. It was absolutely stunning, and hilariously funny. But, weddings aren't easy for me. Its hard to imagine that I was there myself twice.....almost three. My first engagement ended three months before the wedding day. The two marriages obviously ended in divorce. I look at all the hope, promise and love that they have and then step back and look at my life almost 14 years after I first said "I do" and I think WOW I am a serious failure.

I never wanted to end up where I am. I honestly wanted to be a role model for my girls, showing them what a loving, healthy, and supportive marriage and family looks like. I wanted a modern day Walton's or Brady Bunch. Yes, I expected ups and downs, but in the end I wanted it to be about US as a unit. Instead I have taught them how to have a friendly, supportive, flexible relationship with the ex. I guess in all honesty that is the modern day Walton's and Brady Bunch. 

Here's to the bride and groom. I hope your love endures.


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