how to make a mockingjay pin

I'm pretty sure everyone I know is completely immersed in the Hunger Games craze. I know my daughter is Katniss's biggest fan. She sports a I love Peeta shirt, she has her sights on a Tribute tee for her birthday, and she has been lusting after a mockingjay pin like that worn by Katniss. We live in a small town so getting to any store that has them for sale is an effort. Does my industrious almost 12 year old let that bother her? Nope, She sits down with a ball of Sculpey clay and makes her own. Below is her step by step method of making your very own mockingjay pin. All materials can be found at your local walmart.  

materials needed:
White Sculpey Clay
Rolling pin (she used a can of peach nehi)
Bottle of Delta Ceramcoat GLEAMS acrylic paint in Metallic gold
xacto knife or other sculpting tool
and a pin backing
again all materials were found at walmart

oops I forgot the pic of the mockingjay was NOT found at walmart. 

Step 1: She did a google search for mockingjay, clicked images and traced one of the images that came up. She just placed her paper right to her laptop screen and traced it. The light on the computer makes the image stand out so its easy to trace. Then she placed the image on a flat table and made the lines darker using a pencil

Step 2: Roll a piece of sculpey out so it is even and flat.

Step 3: Place the sculpey on top of the picture, making sure it is flat, and then roll again.

Step 4: Lift the sculpey up and the pencil marking should be on the sculpey. Then take a sculping tool (She used an xacto knife) and cut around all the pencil lines.

 Step 5: very carefully poke out all the shapes you just made, add some details like lines in the wings to make the feathers and indent an area for an eyeball.

Step 6: Bake at 130 degrees for 15 minutes.
 Sorry, not sure how my pic got turned side ways. 

Step 7: let cool and then paint with Delta Cermacoat GLEAMS acrylic paint in Metallic Gold.
Step 8: Let dry again and then attach backing. She used a hot glue gun.

My little crafter sporting her Katniss mockingjay Pin and Katniss side braid 
Can you tell I am a super proud momma? I really am. She is visiting with her dad right now, but she promised when she returns we will do a video cool will that be? Pretty darn I assure you. 
Until next time, 

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