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I am sure by now everyone has heard of planning out your meals a week or even a month in advance. When my oldest daughter was in Kindergarten I noticed that she had a closet over flowing with clothes and nothing to wear. Does that sound familiar?

What I did was complete empty out her closet and sort through every item. I had a keep, donate and store for sister pile. The keep pile got inventoried and put back into the closet. Every item we were keeping got written down on a piece of paper. Then I printed off  a blank calendar template, wrote in the month and then for every day she had school I wrote in a different outfit.

We live in Kentucky and the weather is unpredictable so I also wrote a list of warmer or cooler clothes on the side that could be substituted. Here is a copy of a sample inventory. But feel free to use whatever works for you. At first I just used a piece of college ruled paper. Here is a short sample of a calendar just to give you an idea.

I just look at the calendar and lay the chosen clothes out the night before. It really makes getting ready easy. I don't have to worry about what they are going to wear if we are running late, or if I don't get to pick something the night before, because of a late ballgame.

You can do one for yourself and even include what jewelery you are going to wear.

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