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Before What not to Wear or Fashion Police there was me, leaving notes in people's lockers with style tips.  I do not claim to be the most stylish person ever. I don't even claim to be on par with Stacy London. I like to leave the house in a pony tail and tee shirt. But I would give advice on the big things, like mixing patterns and colors that  don't match.

Flash forward to today and  nearly everyday I have a Dear People of Walmart post on my personal fb page addressing some fashion catastrophe.  Let me lay down the rules I go by. I do not mention people who are disabled, visible sick, or hurting, have some mental disability or are old. I also rule out those that appear to have financial hardship. My target audience is teens to mid life. They are your average, everyday folk.

Here is list of my most common or best fashion advice for a typical shopping day.

  • If you are wearing leggings please do NOT wear full butt lace underwear. 
  • Actually just don't wear leggings without a shirt that covers your ass.
  • If you forget the above to rules don't add fuel to the flame by also wearing a pad.
  • Please leave your PJ's at home. Please!! I really am so sick of seeing jammies in public. 
  • If you are wearing white pants do not wear white (or any colored undies) Anything other than nude will be clearly visible. Trust me Its Clearly visible.
  • Don't mix animal print
  • Don't wear head to toe animal print
  • For the Love of all that is holy and good in the world, Please do not wear animal print and fur
  • Stripped pants make you look like a pirate or a circus tent....or a pirate circus tent
  • Hats can be a fun accessory but there is a age when animal fave toboggans are not cute anymore.
  • Dog collars and leashes belong on dogs not people
  • Please do not wear any outfit you are falling out of, either the top or the bottom. I should not see your nipple or your ass.
  • Please wear under wear that means bras and panties. Yes, we can tell when you don't
Feel free to comment and leave a piece of  fashion advice.

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