But what would you change if you could?

On December 21, the day the world was suppose to end, my sister's cell phone reset its date back to Jan 1, 2000. Which made us laugh and question if this means we get a second chance to make chances to our past. With the New Year here I couldn't help but think, if I could go back to 2000 and make changes, what changes would I make?

In 2000 I was about to give birth to my first born. What changes would I make? I would have moved out of our cramped lil apartment and find something with some room. I have often thought that her allergies and asthma came from that apartment and the constant spraying of "bug spray" by the maintenance staff. I would have found a way to have opened my own child care center. It would have been good for Abbey in the long run to have had kids her own age to play with.

I don't think I would have been so quick to move to a bigger city as that marks the moment when my marriage started crumbling. I would love the chance to go back and tell myself that I NEEDED the interaction of other adults and not drug my feet about finding them.

My facebook is full of people complaining about how 2012 was an awful year and how they can't wait to see it go. I am a glass half full kinda person. I can't help but be optimistic. Here is a run down of my 2012....
  • The divorce I thought would never end finally ended. (a year and a half for an uncontested divorce with no kids.....hello!!! can u say CRAZY?!?
  • We finally got Em diagnosed and her reading has improved steadily since....she even did math in her head today to figure out how much money she had left on gift cards.
  • Both girls are healthy
  • Abbey had fun being the only 7th grader in marching band.
  • I got my dream job and enjoy going to work every day.
  • My little blog has readers, who put up with my vanishing at times.
  • Greg and I had a horrible rough patch and didn't fall apart. That isn't usually the case with me and relationships.
 Here I am facing the start of a new year. New prospects. New adventures. What would I change? I want to get this year right from the start. I want to look back on 2013 and think yup that was an awesome year. Abbey suggested we start a tradition, and I think it is a fantastic one. We will take a container,and every time someone in the family has a celebration we will write it down on a piece of paper and read it the last day of the year. In our case the last day we are together. I can't wait to share these with you next year. I'm sure I will be able to come up with may more than my wimpy little list above.

Here's hoping that your New Years is as AMAZING as this guys is going to be.


Tis the Season

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a stomach virus making its way through the house.

It started with Abbey. I picked her up at her dad's house on Christmas Eve and we started the trip to Virginia to spend Christmas with Greg and his family. This is how she spent the 3 hour trip.
at least she came prepared with a "puke bucket" Christmas day was fun. She woke up feeling better and we ate yummy biscuits and gravy and ham. We opened presents and enjoyed visiting.
Did I mention she got her braces off the last day of school before Christmas break?
I could just kiss this lil face off.
Shhhh.....don't tell Greg I shared this pic with you.

The girls experenced their first ever "REAL" Christmas tree. They loved thaving a live tree. Abbey and I (mostly Abbey after I taught her) had made the bows for our Christmas presents. I have a pattern to share with you, as soon as I find the link again. Trust me it is super easy. We made them all in an afternoon.
Super easy I promise!!
more presents were opened.....and then it happened. We went from this.
to this.
to this. In less than an hour. 
Poor baby didn't even get to play with her Monster High School that Abbey stayed up putting together for her. Then I got it. Good thing about being the person with the camera....There are no sick pics of me.
I sure hope it passes by your family, it is a rough one. Today was the final day of Christmas celebration with the girlies and I was happy to make them cry from happiness and tell me they had the best Christmas EVER. I even got the tree down already.
Bring on the New Year!!!


Happy not the end of the world.....

I am totally doing this!!!!!! Although I did think the world was ending we have had horrible wind and some sleet. My drive to work wasn't  too bad but I liked the 60 degree weather we were having earlier this week.

 I have lots of stuff to catch up on....as soon as I get time. In the meantime. I am so happy the world didn't end. Not that I actually thought it would. As my sister has been telling people.....We are Lakota and the white buffalo woman hasn't returned so we're good.


5 for five

I am loving the 5 for five link up.....because I am obsessed with list making. I might as well use my lists and jump in on a link up.

My goals for this week are.

Goals for this week:

1. Put Laundry away. Finally get all my laundry hung up. This is so unlike me. My closets are a mess and it is literally driving me insane.

2. Blog Daily. My crazy schedule has made it hard to get any writing in. It also seems like the busier I am the less I have to actually say. I feel like when I have a long day that its the first thing that goes. Sorry.....and thanks for sticking with me in this rut. I actually do have things I want to share but I feel like they may be a little premature so I hold off. I don't know why...I know my secrets are safe with you.

3. Finish Christmas Shopping Greg and I went shopping last weekend to finish up our shopping. Guess what happened? We finished his and I STILL have 3 presents to buy. I've had these same 3 presents to buy since before Thanksgiving.

4. Work on organization  This is also something I use to be better at. I guess the root of it is maybe i need to think about why I am failing at things that use to be second nature to me.

5. Decorate for Christmas.I haven't even done this yet. Which is also not like me. I have no idea what is wrong with me lately but its annoying me.

Elf sighting

This little elf of ours is really a bad little thing. I caught it doing THIS!!!

I tried to tell him that smoking is bad for him, but he wouldn't listen and smoked the entire pack.

While everyone is preparing for Christmas I have been thinking about New Years. I already have my new years plans in place, Greg and I are going to a party that some of his friends are having. But beyond that I have been thinking about the changes I want to make in the new year. I don't have a complete list yet, but I know I want to be thoughtful and purposeful in my resolution making. I'm sure some of it will follow along with my 101/1001 list.  Do you make resolutions every year? Have you thought about resolutions yet?


Sunday Social

Linking up for Sunday Social
Sunday Social
1. What is your favorite holiday season tradition?
Putting the Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night. Although don't judge me....the tree still isn't up.
2. Do you have a certain holiday movie you watch more than others? If so what is it?
Anabelle's Wish. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE cows so a Christmas movie about a cow who wants to be a Reindeer is right up my ally.
3. Show us your favorite decoration or pinterest decoration you wish you could have
I would love to have this pink tulle tree!!!!!
4. What is your favorite holiday song?
I don't have a favorite song....but I have a least favorite song. I hate Deck the Halls. I'm sure it has something to do with being named Holly.
5. What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Is it sad that I don't eat sweets. Every since my hysterectomy my sweet tooth went away.
6. What is on your wish list this year?
  A  new house!!!

High Five for Friday

I have completely sucked at link ups lately and I'm sorry. I have been thinking about new yers resolutions and being better at this is top of my list. Anyway.....Its Friday and I am happy....

1. The girlies and I are going to the movies tonight to see Wreck it Ralph...or Rise of the Guardians.....but probably Wrek it Ralph.

2. I finished my trainer credential class. :) I just have a few webinars to do and send some paperwork off and I'll be able to do PD trainings for schools and child care facilities.

3. I had an awesome Cyber Monday. I got THE big present for someone. I'm so excited about this. It is hard for me notto let people open presents early. I just get so excited.

4. I'm going shopping tomorrow. I have all my presents except 3 and I think I can be done tomorrow.

5. I had a fabulous Wednesday night with Greg. He had friends over and we drank and they played music and he sang....it was like old times again.

On a side note our Elf is still being extremely naughty. She demanded to do shots with us....How can you say no to that face? Seriously I wouldn't say no I'd be afraid she'd kill me in my sleep.
Oh yeah can't forget.....I'm linking up with Lauren


Shopping and Elves

And I literally just noticed that the word elves is almost the word elvis
I take pride in having my Christmas shopping done early. Its not that I'm a hyper organized, type-A neurotic personality person. Although I am. Its that I have no patience. None at all. If I had to wait until when the stores are packed with people I'd go insane. I can honestly say I am almost done shopping.  I am even almost done with little stocking stuffers for the girlies. I am officially done with the girlies big items. I can't share what they got. I'd be afraid that they secretely read the blog. Lets just say I will have 2 very happy kiddos.

I still don't have my Christmas tree up. It will probably be next week before I actually get it done. I did get the girls an Elf on the Shelf. Her name is Elise. She is kinda creepy....and she is a very bad elf. See for yourself....
Turns out Elise loves red Stag and Ken....Barbie is so upset.

poor, poor cynical me

I had a fun thanksgiving that you'll hear all about but first.....

Am I the only girl cynical about love? A friend of mine posted on her Facebook that the movie fireproof makes her cry every time she watches it. My reaction to that movie and ones like it.....the Notebook,  Titanic, insert name of super sappy movie here, is nausea at best. Anger at the worst. I remember watching Titanic when it first came out and being so pissed off at the people crying and thinking just die already gosh. Typing that I realize I am a little disturbed. Its not that I don't WANT to believe life can be like that its just from experience I know it isn't. I know in reality someone isn't going to fall in love with you again just because you are nice to them. I should add when my  marriage was failing I tried the fireproof book and we watched the movie. You know what he said he couldn't make it past day one. Day one is "For
the next day, resolve to demonstrate patience and to say nothing negative to your spouse at all. If the temptation arises, choose not to say anything.
because he couldn't think of anything nice to say. Needless to say I think the movie/book and the love dare program is full of shit. Thanks for listening to my little rant. Now on to Thanksgiving.

Greg came with me to my family's dinner and then we took the girls to their dad and went to his family's for a few days.
My girlies and my sister
me and Greg
the food
When we got to Va to Greg's family we...ate again of course. Friday we slept in.....no black Friday for me. I am just not patient enough. I'd rather pay extra not to have to post bail. We also had a party at Greg's brother's house. It was fun to see people I hadn't seen in awhile. They played music which I missed terribly. He hasn't played since my birthday (back in July). Ben forgot half of his drum stuff and ended up making a cymbal stand out of a coat hanger. All in all it was a good time.....although I am so ready to go back to work. 
Yes that is the Christmas Story Leg lamp behind Greg. I'd love to steal it.


WooHooo for 2 day work weeks

I went to a work shop on Saturday which let me take an extra day off this week. I almost feel guilty about it because the workshop was so much fun, I learned a lot, and hung out with some awesome people. I really love my job and how flexible and fun it is. I feel lucky every single day for it. I could write a thankful post everyday in November just talking about my job.

I think I'm in a funk. Other than my job and my sweet girlies my life feels very blah. I just can't bring myself to blog anymore. Coming up with a positive topic is like pulling teeth now, and I feel pretty insecure about my current relationship. I'm hoping the 5 days of sleeping in and relaxing will help me get out of this mood.


I am so thankful

That you guys haven't abandoned me. I have been the worst blogger in the world. I am thankful that I have new readers (either that or I forgot how many I had since I'm been away 2 million years). I'd like to assume I actually have new readers....Hi new readers!!!!  I am also doing the month of thankfulness on facebook. So I'm gonna share my sometimes random and funny list of things I'm thankful for.
  1. I am thankful that the 6th season of Psych is now on Netflix
  2. I am thankful for Shih Tzu's and their cute little ears and their cute little noses....I just love Shih Tzu's I want them all, in baskets with cute little bows.....and maybe on a rainbow.
  3. I am thankful for my girlies
  4.  I am thankful for the extra sleep
  5. I am thankful I finally found the perfect house for me and my menagerie, now if it doesn't sale before everything else gets into place.
  6. I am thankful for the honest person at the election poll who found and returned my wallet with all the money inside
  7. I am thankful for Bacon, without it life would be soooo sad
  8. I am thankful for band functions that will keep me at the high school until 10ish.....without them I'd be waaaaay to comfy on my couch later.
  9. I'm thankful for all day meetings in Frankfort. Without them i would never have time to up date my grocery and to do lists.
  10. Today I am thankful that the most pressing thing I have had to do is lay on the couch and read.
  11. I am thankful I got to see my nephew Inigo Montoya today
  12. Today I am thankful I bought Westley and Fezzik rain coats, even though Greg  thinks I am crazy for dressing my dogs in clothes.
  13. I'm thankful I got some time to hang out at my desk. First time in almost a week
  14. I'm thankful I found the ring I bought when I was in labor with Abbey.
  15. I'm thankful for Jango its nice to have music in the office.

The party that wasn't

I know I duck in an apologize for disappearing and then disappear again. If you only knew how crazy my week has been you'd understand.....and I'm sure you're thinking if you'd only tell us we'd understand. So I promise this week I'll catch you up on the crazy weekend I had last weekend with a work retreat on one side of the state and a band competition on the other. It was a whirl wind 641 mile weekend.

We were suppose to have our Halloween party tonight since we were away last weekend. However Greg has been sick and we really didn't plan well. So the party fizzled and we have a couple coming to hang out with us and that is it.

I bought an elf on the shelf. I kept seeing pics of it all over pinterest and couldn't resist. My girls don't believe in Santa but I just had to have one anyway. I seem to have gotten a naughty elf though....this is what she did the first night at our house. Keep an eye out for more naughty elf antics.
I got my hair cut. Actually that was a few weeks ago, I just haven't been able to get a pic.

So here ya go...new haircut

The case of the disappearing blogger

I am so sorry for falling off the face of the universe again. Life has been hectic lately. But October is winding down so I am hoping for a fairly low key November.

Let me try to describe my week.

When I left you last both Abbey's band and Greg's was going to Regionals. Both bands made it to State semi-finals.....although if you are a "friend" on fb  I said state finals......I was excited and didn't proof-read. Here are some of my sweet baby.

(Ewwww whats that smell......oh yeah the losers we beat)

Speaking of my sweet baby...I have a new little bundle of joy at my house.

Here is my new sweet Shih Tzu Fezzik (yup gotta continue the Princess Bride theme). He and Westley are just like brothers. It was so cute when they met each other. They play well together. Which is more than I can say for my girlies.

Not to be out done by the new puppy.....Wes got a new hat. A pirate hat which is fitting since he is the dread pirate.

Emmy had her dyslexia test. It is official she is dyslexic. 

We are waiting on the full report which will have the recommendations that will be made to the school. I can't wait to finally learn how to help her. The lady that performed the test was so amazing. She answered any question we had and even answered some we didn't know we should ask. She gave us a little rhyme to help Emmy with her bd confusing and pq. Taking that we made one to help with her nu confusion. So any teachers that read this......using the bed method for bd confusion does NOT help with dyslexic's. Ms. Stacey said hold a pencil in your right hand.....thankfully Em is right handed, make a thumbs up sign with your left hand....the b (notice it looks like a b) goes up. turn it thumbs down.....the pig goes down. Emmy said oh well the the n makes a nose(because thats how she draws noses). It was one of those ah ha moments when you just want to cry with joy  that it finally clicked. I hope we have many more of those. She is ok with the diagnosis. She has even had a sense of humor about it, When we left the testing center she said thank DOG that is over. I love my goofy girl so much.

I tried to make up for my absence with lots of pictures.....do you forgive me?

Speaking of forgiving. I know I mentioned the Greg thing in my last post. I am having the hardest time getting over this and trusting him again. I just don't really know how to proceed from here. Could you stay with someone that you didn't trust? Abbey said something really profound the other day (of course she doesn't know about this situation she was talking about her life) She said "love is not a feeling in your heart, its a thought in your head" then she went on to say at Valentines day she was going to give people pictures of brains......but she is a tad nerdy :) Not sure I 100% agree with that, because my heart feels pretty sore right now. What do you think?


just a little annoyed......

I feel like a Seinfeld episode. A life (instead of a show) about nothing.

I seriously was just thinking Everyone I know watches the Walking Dead and I just don't get it. I'm only on episode 2 but still. Did I miss how the zombie apocalypse got started? How is it that these undead things can barely walk and they out run and kill people? How is it that hitting them with a ball bat or something similar will kill them AGAIN? The show makes no sense.
I think I need to read this book. I NEED to understand the Zombie Apocalypse.

Of course I just started noticing that a bunch of stuff in my life makes no sense. Like how can people NOT have an email address in today's world. I'm not talking about old granny people I am talking about fairly youngish business owners. HELLO!! 90% of my business is done via the computer and Internet. I NEED you to catch up with 1990's technology. Why does my little kitty try to drink out of my water glass when he has a whole bowl full of water by his food? Why did it take me so long to think about putting a puppy pad by the trash can where Westley still insists on peeing? How can my boyfriend tell another girl that she's hot and is imaging her naked if he has no plans to pursue it?  I feel like the past is repeating itself since that's how we got together when he had a live in girlfriend. I feel like total crap. Makes me wonder if this is  why he has never wanted to live together?Uggh the whole situation just pisses me off and makes me want to puke. I'm torn between doing what I feared Peggy would do to me and that is send a message saying if you ever talk to him again I will tell you husband you are a cheating cunt. Or something along those line, and kicking him in the nuts. Or both


Saying Goodbye

Today is funeral visitation for a woman whose house I was at more than my own when I was growing up. She in my mind was a modern day June Cleaver. Their house was always spotless, food always great, and she always greeted all the kids in the neighborhood with a smile on her face.....even the Eddie Haskell variety.

My childhood neighbor's mom passed early Tuesday morning. She'd had a headache for a few days. On Sunday night, while getting ready for bed, she collapsed. The ambulance took her to the local hospital, who wanted to fly her out, but the wind was too bad. She got transported to another hospital and she passed away from a brain aneurysm.

This has made me think A LOT about death. like reflecting on my life are preparing for the kids future. I put a monster high doll house in layaway for Emmy yesterday and when they asked who else had authority to pick it up, instead of saying no one, I listed my sister.....just in case.

Mary was a happy, healthy wife and mother and Nana just four days ago. Today her daughter did her hair and makeup for the last time.  I just can't imagine leaving my babies right now. If I did though, I'd want them to know how much I love them. How much of a blessing they are to me. How proud I am of them and how glad I am that they are mine. Id hope my extended family would know that even though they annoyed me I loved them.

I have always tried to say what is on my mind so I don't regret not saying something. Even if that something is something that they don't want to hear. Reflecting on my life I am fairly happy where I am. I have two awesome kids, a job I LOVE and lets me pay my bills. I do wish I lived somewhere else. I wish my relationship wasn't in the sucky state its in. But I guess if those are the only two complaints then I am doing well.

This has also led to a conversation between my sister and I (because we are the ones that will be in charge of planning for each other) about what we would like to see at our funerals. I know its a morbid topic but one that needs to be said whether we want to hear it or not. I like to laugh. So I have said I would really like Metallica played. Nothing crazy although Ride the Lighting or Whom the Bell tolls would be good. Just something a little serious like Fade to Black and Nothing Else Matters. I'm not sure about flowers. Honestly I just don't care, I have only received flowers 3 times in my whole life unless I bought them myself. I'm such a planner I am surprised I haven't had all this written down and already starting the pre-planning process with the funeral home my family always uses.
Because really who can I trust to be as OCD about it as I am?

Your face is so ugly it makes me feel bad for you

Sorry I've been MIA for a week. I keep trying to write about what's been going on and on paper is looks like a big ball of boring even though I'm been busy.

We are winding down the Marching Band season. I kinda can't wait to have a life again. The girls are dying to go to to see Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania and we  just don't have any time.

Just two more weeks.....well then the next week is Halloween party week. I think Greg and I decided to go as Charlie Brown and the Little red Headed Girl. So I NEED a dress for a character no one has ever seen. Any ideas?

This week's highlights will be a PTO meeting tomorrow, making picture frames for trainers that will be training at our fall conference, and my Foundations of Effective training class starts tomorrow. I am excited about that. It is the class that will get me credentialed, and more band competitions next weekend. 


Guest Blogging

You should totally come visit me at Jess is More...Im guest blogging over there today. You get to read about my pinterest addiction and how it helped me solve a problem in my bathroom...3 girls+1 mirror= crazy mornings. Come on over, you know you want to. Its where all the cool kids are today ;)

Number 13

I have plans to check #13 off my 101 in 1001 list. I am having a theme party in just 4 short weeks. There is a million things to do...
  1. Awesome food
  2. Awesome Music (that's actually taken care of)
  3. Awesome decorations
  4. Keep people from getting drunk and peeing in my shoe AGAIN or puking AGAIN
  5. Find a Kick Ass costume
Ok so technically there is only 5. But I need ideas for the BEST Halloween party you have ever seen. Pinterest has been some help but not much if you can believe that.

biting my tounge

So seriously someone just asked me "So does your husband make a lot of money" I responded with I am my husband. but seriously how rude is that? I'd love to say the person who sad this redeemed herself during the rest of the conversation but she didn't and it got worse. Some people really need punched in the face.

Although, I did buy an awesome form fitting black dress to wear to a benefit next week so maybe I WILL have a husband who makes a lot of money :)

Maybe I should have told her that my next husband is going to be Lars Ulrich (drummer for Metallica)....Although I am iffy about Lars just because I should avoid drummers I don't have a good success rate with them.

or Chris Hemsworth You may know him as Thor

Is that pee in my shoe

OMG its been 4 days since I've checked in....Have you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth? I promise I have been busy. Lets see what have I been up too.....

Friday I was just too lazy to post. I should have done my usual Hf4F post and honestly I have no idea why I didn't.

Saturday I went to a party.....you know its a good party when someone pees in your shoe and pukes on the floor... and in my clean laundry.. Ok you don't know its a GOOD party by that, but you know you are partying with kids a few years past legal drinking age. on the bright side he thought I graduated from high school in 99. I'll take that :)I wish I could say I was awake to tell you about the puke and pee and how every light ended up on.....and all the furniture turned over but i had gone to sleep and apparently missed out on ALL the fun.

Sunday I tried to recover from getting a water bill that tripled my previous bills. I nearly died. Still not sure what happened but I need to figure that out.

Today I drove to our main office and met the girl who does my job for our other area. The new girls are great. I love my coworkers. I took Tom our It guy cookies.....Chips Ahoy since we all know how well I cook lol

I came home to a crock pot full of this The world's best chicken
Nope it wasn't. The chicken had a tangy and not good tangy taste and it seemed too sweet too.....if you can be too tangy and too sweet at the same time lol. Over all I say pass....if you must try some come to my house because I made enough to take to work for lunch and now I REALLY wish I hadn't.

Its ok....really it is

I have never done  the Its ok Thursday link up mainly because I have a hard time believing things are really ok. But today I'm going to give it a try.
Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK......
to wish today was Friday, because its been a LOOOOONG week

 to be excited that Abbey's next orthodontist appointment is on the same day and the same town as Em's dyslexia test. This means 2 kids with excused absences from school and some shopping time after the Dr.'s

That after 2 years of no cable that I am thinking maybe I need to break down and get it.....and sadly its because of Psych and Drop Dead Diva not updating fast enough on Netflix

That I keep saying I need to clean and organize....well everything and not doing it. (although it is starting to annoy me)

That I am terrified of how busy my October is and I shut my planner/calendar so I don't have to deal with it yet.

That I hate cooking so badly that I'm thinking about doing a month of crock pot meals since my October schedule looks frightening.

That every morning I wish I could come to work in a sweatshirt and yoga pants

That I keep a pair of heels under my desk so I can still wear my flip flops into the office.


loving my job....and non burnt cookies

This is just a small reason why I love my job. I work with some great people.

From: Tom                                                                                                                                     Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 10:50 AM
To: Holly Grass
Subject: Laptop
When you come up Oct. 1 will you bring the laptop.
From: Holly Grass
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:05 AM
To: Tom
Subject: RE: Laptop
 We sold it for cookie money, hope that's ok.
From: Tom
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:15 AM
To: Holly Grass
Subject: Laptop
Bring cookies.

Just Thinking.......

I have been thinking about setting up a new pinterest account just for the clients at work. I'm a technical assistance coordinator for Child Care Aware in Kentucky. The main part of my job is helping child care centers improve and help their teachers grow and become better.

Its safe to say some place I go into are not very excited about seeing me. Because even though I am nice and sweet and totally cute and snuggly. They see evil lady or wants us to change. I am also addicted to pinterest which I am sure most of you are. The thing is I still pin teaching ideas even though I am no longer in a classroom. I'd love to share these ideas with the people I am helping. I thought maybe they would be more receptive to viewing ideas on a pin board.

Then I thought maybe I should start a new blog too, just for teaching ideas and help. What do you think? What should I call it?

crossing suff of my list

I should have mentioned this in my review of my weekend, but I honestly forgot. I managed to cross some stuff off my 100 in 1001 list, and I have some in progress.

I tried a new restaurant. I get into such a rut. I tend to eat the same thing at the same places every time I go out somewhere. I needed to break the cycle some. We had a long break at the band competition and went in search of food. We ate at a Tumbleweeds. It is kind of like a Mexican/Steak place. Our waiter was funny. I like that in a waiter(ess) but he was fast and patient when I couldn't decide what I wanted. The only drawback was I ordered a steak medium and it was almost well done. That was kind of sad. I had sending stuff back because everyone else is eating and when they finish I'd be just getting my food. Its kind of a hassle. It all tasted good even if it was too done.

Drink more water. Since I stopped drinking so much Dr. Pepper I have replaced it with water. I drink a TON now. It has the bad side affect of having to pee a lot more. I know TMI-sorry! I do feel better now that I drink more water. I don't have insomnia as bad. I have gone back to having the random Dr. Pepper.

This leads me to Flatten my stomach. The scale never groaned when I stepped on it, but for awhile pics of me made me look pregnant. Which is absolutely NOT POSSIBLE!!! It was irritating. I tried just walking and that didn't help really. But honestly I think the water has been the biggest help with this. Also I do pilates when I can find the time. We have a new dance studio in town that offers pilates on Saturday mornings. I can't wait to sign up for the classes as soon as marching band season is over. I won't say I have a 6 pack, or even a 1 pack, but at least my cow tattoo doesn't look hydrocephalus anymore. Yes I did say cow tattoo. He has a name.....its COWVIN. Please don't have me committed but it is a tattoo of a stuffed cow I slept with (and sometime still do).
And the last Do a link party a week. I think I am consistent enough with HF4F that I can count that. I love reflecting back on my week an taking note of all the positive things.

I also have several in progress.....like separating my pinterest craft and diy board into specific categories, and watching the movies on my list of movies to watch...yes it is an actual written out list. I will tell you all about the movies I've watched lately in another post I promise.

no use crying over burnt cookies

Another busy weekend for me. I can't wait until November when my weekends can be spent sleeping in and watching junk on tv or reading. Instead of this......

The band booster president (for Abbey's band) asked me to bring dessert to the competition on Saturday. I envisioned baking cookies and having cute ones that were decorated with music notes. I imagined it to be a fun experience for me and the girls. What it turned into was

  I forgot butter
  I forgot sugar
  I had to go back to the store for both.
Then the FUN part happened......Fun as in. I set Greg's oven on fire TWICE!!! I also burnt 3 different pans of cookies. Here is a pic of attempt 1. Can you tell what I did wrong?
This is attempt 3. Its just plain scary. I screamed and threw a fit and then went to Kroger and they had the cutest deli cookies in a 50 cookie variety pack with m&m's and other candies in it. I bought a few and gave up on trying to be Betty Crocker. I just can't cook. Its that obvious.
Saturday was a band competition all day (except the brief time I stopped by Greg's bands practice wearing my Rowan County Band tee heheheh I felt so mean. But I love his kids they are great and such good sports they booed me :) but they know in 2 weeks I'll be sitting in the stands wearing their shirt. It really helps that they aren't in each other class.  While Abbey was busy Em enjoyed mommy and Greg time (yes he wore the Green Rowan shirt, I love that he supports Abbey like he does) She talked us into cotton candy I wish I hadn't she was so restless the rest of the competition. But she really loved it.
It was all inhaled in a few bites. Greg was talking to a guy that was judging and when he turned around the candy was GONE :) Abbey's band did great. 1st in their class, best percussion and best guard. looking at the score they actually got 2nd place percussion over all. The band that beat them was AMAZING though...and they only beat us by 2 points. The next closest was 10 points behind us.

Sunday I did get to sleep in and do nothing all day. Greg woke up with the girls and made us all bacon while I slept. I finally talked him into letting me build him a website for the band. Its still a work in progress but here is the link if you want to take a look and tell me what you think. I didn't have any pictures from this year and there is still information I don't have, that I need to get together.

But over all that is the basic idea of the page. I'm pretty pleased with it. What do you think? What should I add or take away?


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