Endings and Beginings

You may have already heard the news if you follow my podcast on instagram, but my dad passed away two weeks ago. Its been hard to get back into the swing of things. Heather (my sister) helped me clear out his place and arrange for his cremation. I couldn't imagine trying to get everything done in the 3 days of bereavement if his estate was bigger.

I can't brag enough on how sweet Ernie was during all of this. He had just gone to bed when I called to tell him. He stayed up with me all night and then drove straight to my house after work so he could be with me when I visited the funeral home. The lady we dealt with at the funeral home reminded me of Emily Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) Mother In Law. When he went home a few days later, Abbey had stuck a note inside his suitcase telling him if he was wondering how he could ask permission to marry me with dad gone, that they (Abbey and Emmy) give it to him.

Well that set in motion a surprise engagement. He came back later that week and conspired with the kids to get me on Lockegee. I have mentioned this rock before that you hike to the rock and then climb straight up. It was right at sunset and absolutely gorgeous. He got down on one knee and told me that he has loved me since we were 16 and would love it if I would marry him.


It was the sweetest thing I have ever experienced. We are thinking memorial day weekend for the wedding.

A Quick Update

Hi. Did you guys miss me these last three months? I pretty much just fell off the face of the earth social media wise. I haven't read a blog in ages. I haven't even kept up with GOMI. I have randomly posted on instagram. So you at least know I bought Cat Shoes. Other than that, Its been a crazy summer.

I traveled to the North East and fell in love. I always felt like I was in the wrong state. How can I be the only person here that loves anything and everything over basketball? Not to mention horses scare me. But the east coast called me like no other place has. I really need to find a way to move there ASAP. Especially Connecticut. I can't explain it but that place feels like home. Salem Mass was awesome and I need to go back soon.

If you follow me on instagram (hollysgrass for personal and cathairandglitter for the very neglected blog) You may have noticed I am still with the guy I dated in high school. I was really thinking this blog was a curse because every time I share a relationship we break up soon after. This nearly happened. But we worked through the issue and all is well. We have watched a lot of football. the first weekend we went to a football game at his old high school. It was fun if not a little weird. The last time I had been at that school, I was at a band competition and  returning his jersey and other stuff I had of his. We can't remember who it was that I gave the stuff to, but he must have gotten it back.

I've been working on the etsy shop. It keeps improving which is awesome to see it grow. I listed a bunch of new things last week, and have more to list soon. If there is something you want but don't see let me know. I can probably make it.

Marching Band Season has begun which means no life until November. We are currently trying to get all the props painted and ready. I really don't know what I will do with myself when its over and I have free time.

Oh wait yes I do. I finally applied to get my Masters degree. I had been on the fence for so long about what to get it in. I finally decided on communication. Which most of my day job has switched to anyway, and it will also (hopefully) help with this space and the podcast. I'm excited and nervous. I should be starting in January.

I'm sorry I got your hopes up about the adult slushies and then quit blogging altogether. I will hopefully have a cool recipe for adult fruit roll ups on Friday.

One of my kittens escaped and got herself pregnant. Epic fail on my part. I so know better, but was holding off because she still seemed so small and all my other cats were fixed so I didn't think she'd get pregnant. I didn't count on her sneaking outside like the rebellious teenager she is. The babies are adorable and I have most given away as soon as they are weaned.

I would love to say I will be blogging more frequently, but I really just don't know. I think this time I have bitten off more than I can chew and need to finish projects and get things settled here. 

Let's Try This Again

Sorry I've been MIA this week and sorry there is no boozy popsicle today. I've had a pretty intense week.

Today I am going to tell you a story.

Picture it Kentucky 1993. I was 16. My next door neighbor who was a few years younger than me visited a friends 2-2/12 hours away. While there she met a boy who was walking home from the ball field with some friends. They hung out that evening and she came home with a picture and an address.

She showed me when she got back. I told her he was really cute so she gave me the picture. So I did  the most logical thing and sent him a swim suit picture. In my defense I was a swimmer so I was in a swim suit 6 days a week all year long. Also in my defense I wanted him to write back. He did, and we wrote back and forth for several months. Gotta love life before technology. So about April something I asked if he wanted to go to my prom. He said yes and was bringing a friend for my friend Chrystal. I met him at a mall an hour and a half from my house so we could meet face to face and work out the details. I thought he was so cute, and had the prettiest eyes I had ever seen.

This is us, at 16.

We dated a few more months and then the logistics of being over 2 hours away from each other at a time that there was no email, unlimited text and call ect...took its toll and he broke up with me. I was crushed. Fast forward two years.

I was a sophomore at Morehead and he was an incoming Freshmen. The first day we were back at school, I ran into a guy I had gone to high school with lets call him Heath (cause that's his name) we started talking, then went on a date two days later. That was kinda it, we were joined at the hip from then on (At least for the next two years) Meanwhile guy I had gone to prom with was now a student at Morehead also. He looked me up about a week after I started dating Heath. I went to his room and sat on his bed and told him I had a boyfriend. I got up and left and didn't see him again.

So in January my job changed. The job duties are the same but my region is now different. Now my region includes the town I knew he had lived in. Several weeks ago Abbey went with me to visit some places for work (Her school Career Pathway is my Career) while we were driving we passed the sign for his town. I mentioned that he lived there.  Around the same time, his son was going to prom and he mentioned me to his son.

About 2 weeks ago I got a friend request from him. I accepted and we just quickly caught up with what we have been doing. He has a son 12 days younger than Abbey and a daughter 3 months older than Emmy and another daughter a couple years younger than Em. We've both been divorced a couple of times. He joined the Air Force a year or so after I told him I had a boyfriend which partially explains why I never saw him again. I can't help but find it so funny that we got together because of a letter and he now works for the post office.
We met for lunch when I was in his area this week. He was the same guy I remembered. Its going well and I am cautiously optimistic. But writing about it on this blog always seems to be a curse so fingers crossed that it ends well.

Fuzzy Navel Slushie

This drink and I go way back. To like high school. A friend of the family got married. It was an open bar, no I didn't get to enjoy the open bar. The bride however had several of these and was pretty darn tipsy when we left. I thought her drink looked cool. I forgot about it.

Flash forward to a few years ago and I was at a several day long meeting. After an extremely long day several of my coworkers and I went out to eat. The girl beside me ordered a fuzzy navel. I remembered the bride from my past and ordered one for my self. It was kinda love at first taste. Its the perfect combination of everything, if you like orange juice you will most definitely love this.

I have a friend that owns a bar and I kill him with these. Its pretty much all I ever have him make me. The slushie version is just as good as the drink. We have had rain all week long so now outdoor popsicle time for me. On the bright side if you stick it in a glass you can enjoy it inside while binging your favorite Netflix show. If you need suggestions Steph has some. You can find her at Not Entirely Perfect 
 So. I bet you're wondering how to make this? Its really easy.
1 part Vodka
1 part Peach Snapps
4 parts Orange Juice
Give it a stir and stick in in the freezer until its a slushie.

I think its a good brunch drink too, the OJ makes it a breakfast drink, right?

How To Get On My Hate List

I dislike lots of people and I can hold a grudge for a hundred years. I hold a grudge against a couple of people that aren't even alive anymore. You know the saying Forgive and Forget? Well I am not Jesus and I don't have Alzheimer's so that aint happening.

Anyway, for the myriad of things I can hold a grudge for and put you on my hate list. There is one biggie. Aside from harming one of my kids (fur or human) and that is harming an animal. I live in a state with some of the worst animal right laws and that will not change because as much as I hate to say it. Lots of people here do not care. Its one of the reasons that I can't see myself living here the rest of my life.

So, Here is the story. My across the street neighbors rent (I assume although I don't know who owns the property) They look to be early 20's. They have two dogs a shepherd mix puppy maybe 6 months or so judging on size and another one a little smaller but not the size of my shih Tzu's or pom.
At first they would leave the dog outside and it would whine and bark. I may have mentioned here, I know I have on the podcast, but I live off  of the busiest road in the town. Our houses are right on the road. That's why I built a fence so my dogs could run and enjoy freedom and sunshine while being protected. They also have a fenced in back yard but I guess they have to go around the house to access it. I have mentioned on more than one occasion to them that we have a leash law and their dogs could be taken away if they don't keep them up. Well now they walk the dogs to the backyard. Every single time they come out of the house with the dogs not on a leash the dogs run into my yard barking and carrying on at us. They stop once they get up to us and we stick our hand out for them to smell.

Still not an ideal situation but at least I saw an improvement. Today (yesterday as you are reading this) Hannah came home from work and as she was driving up the road she saw the man outside punching and smacking the shepherd mix) Hannah being awesome, stopped her car between  our houses and got out asking him what the fuck he thought he was doing. He still beating his dog, said it was in their trash which was sitting on the curb not in a trash can. Hannah told him there is a difference between discipline and beating (the same argument I have with parenting human babies too) and that if she ever saw him beating the dog again she was going to beat him. He picked the dog up by its harness and threw it in the house.

Now we blew up the phones trying to find a way to get this baby out of that house before he has enough and either dies or bites someone and then is labeled a "bad or dangerous dog" What we learned was there is nothing that can be done. We could call the police but unless he is actively hitting it or its starved nothing will happen. We could call the shelter about it being off the leash but unless they catch it running lose probably nothing will happen. Also there is no guarantee that they could come right then anyway. This literally makes me insane. I am glad I wasn't outside because I would have probably jerked him off the dog and punched him. I think its the Irish in me. I think I am 10 feet tall. Honestly I am surprised Hannah didn't get physical.

What really pisses me off is basically the only thing we can do is video tape it and publically embarrass him.

Unicorn Slushee and Pride Popsicle

Before I jump into the really delicious recipe I wanted to tell you some exciting news. Etsy finally approved my name change. I have tried to get them to change it to a version of what it was and my reasoning was not good enough.  Then I had the idea to make it pair with the blog, CatHairandGlitter was taken. But CatHairGlitter was not and they approved it. Abbey still says no one will want to buy something that comes with a sprinkling of cat hair but I think they may. Now I can work on on a banner.

Ok now for this weeks popsicle. Since its Pride Month, I wanted to do something to reflect that. Plus I'll tell you how to do an alcohol free one, for the kids. We can do this the easy way.....or the hard way.

Jumping on the unicorn bandwagon, here is my take on it. You will need Just a few ingredients.

Put the Jolly Ranchers (about 8-12) and as much Vodka as you want to use (and of course you can use any brand you want) into a container to dissolve. Overnight did it for me. Then add Sprite. Now the easy way is you add a flavor to a glass or popsicle bag. The hard way is you stick the containers in the freezer and then add them in layers when they are slush and then add them back to the freezer to freeze.

Edited to add: You can use any sweet candy like skittles or starburst but you will have to filter off the waxy coating. With the Jolly Rancher you don't have to filter anything its ready to mix and freeze as soon as you dissolve it.
I used Grape, Watermelon, Green apple, and Blue Raspberry. Sorry Cherry, you were just too close in color to Watermelon.

Pride popsicle is done the same way, only it is a popsicle instead of a slushee.

Now lets say you are REALLY short on time and don't want to dissolve Jolly Ranchers. You can substitute Jolly Rancher Popsicles. To make it alcohol free just dissolve the jolly rancher in the sprite and enjoy.
I can't get over how perfectly sweet this is. You almost don't even realize there is Vodka in it. I don't even have words for how yummy this is. Even all mixed up in the glass its awesome.

How To Make An Aspirin Mask

One of the things the girls and I love to do is face masks. When they were  little it was a "girls night in" thing we did. We did facials painted out nails and  watched a movie. As they got older it became something we did to keep our pores clean,. On days that we were feeling particular clogged we added aspirin to the mask.

Now a true DIY Aspirin Mask would consist of crushing the aspirin and adding it to yogurt or honey, or even a mixture of the two. We take the lazy way out and mix it with a packaged face mask. It gives the mask a little extra kick. It is so good at unclogging pored, reducing redness, and softening the skin.

Even though it calms the surface of the skin, I do not recommend this if you have an allergy to aspirin.

Its super easy to make. Just take 4-5 aspirins and crush it up, A spoon works great for this. then mix in the mask, another good use for the crushing spoon. Then put the mask on. We like to use a foundation brush to get a good even coverage.

Let me know if you try it with honey and yogurt. I would love to know how well that version works.

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